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gbcc 06:56 AM 02-06-2010
Ok, so this will sound bad but... I have an employee who is constantly missing time from work because someone is sick, appts, ect. In the last 8 work days, she missed 3. She misses time for appointments ect and lets me know at the last minute. She only works 4 hours 4 days a wk so there is no excuse why these appointments need to be made during her work hours.

I am thinking it may be time to let her go (among other reasons). Does anyone have a system they use to mark absences? I know she will try for unemployment but due to her tract record if I have documentation, she will not win. My umemployment insurance will be higher if she receives it. I can not always get a sub so if she is absent that means I have to tell families they can't come that day because I will be over in numbers. It also means I can not transport to preschool. I am afraid I will loose families if this continues.
My4SunshineGirlsNY 07:40 AM 02-06-2010
Have you asked her if she could by any chance schedule any appts. around when she works for you?

I print off a monthy calendar for each family to keep track of attendance and then transfer that info on to the minute menu maybe you can print off a monthly calendar and use that for your assistant's attendance.
mac60 07:50 AM 02-06-2010
Because it is such a small business....sounds like only 2 employees, I would simply sit her down and ask her these very questions and concerns. Unless she is sick and seeing a specialist or something, she should be able to make the appts the hours she does not work.

Where I worked before, we were on a point system, 6 misses in 6 months you were out. If you missed more than 2 day you must have a doctors slip. Honestly, personally I don't think the point system is the way to go. I would sit down with her, confront her, then make up some type of work guidelines that she must abide by. Good luck.
tymaboy 07:51 AM 02-06-2010
DOesnt she need to clock in or something when she works? That should tell you the days that she worked & didnt work. Have you talked to her about these issues or covered them when she was hired? If so do like many other employers do & cut her hours back to where she will give her notice, I realize that in order to do this you will need to hire someone else but it is a way to not have to fight paying unemployment. Maybe hire that person for 1or 2 days a week to start out & up it a day after a 2-4 weeks. & continue to do so until this trouble employee gives notice.
gbcc 04:48 PM 02-06-2010
Yes, I did speak to her about the appointments. It was a check up for her daughter. That could have been scheduled around work hours. She works from 7:30 to 11. She made an appointment for 11 so I had to go pick up my preschool child at 10:30. That's not fair to the child, the teachers, or the parents that pay. She also works cleaning homes and basically she feels she would rather not work here than there.

Maybe I will try reducing the hours/days. Any suggestions regarding excuses I could use for hiring this other employee?
tymaboy 05:43 PM 02-06-2010
Originally Posted by gbcc:

Maybe I will try reducing the hours/days. Any suggestions regarding excuses I could use for hiring this other employee?
Be honest that you hired that person for the reliability. Then as that person proofs themself more reliable give them more hours & her less.
Unregistered 06:33 PM 02-10-2010
I agree: sit down with her and explain that she can't continue to miss so much work. Tell her if it continues you'll have no choice but to hire someone else who is more reliable and let her know that her hours will be cut so you can afford someone else. If she does continue missing (twice more in a short period is MORE than generous!), immediately hire another person, and give this person most of her hours. This way you're being honest, letting her know what happens if it continues, and covering your own back. With so few hours she'll have no other choice than to quit, but she won't be able to try for unemployment since you didn't have to fire her. I would also document it in a written note, laying out the consequences that you verbally told her. If it's in writing and signed by both of you I wouldn't think there'd be any way she could get you into trouble.
tymaboy 06:23 AM 02-11-2010
Have you had any more problems with her? Did you have to hire someone new?
gbcc 08:26 AM 02-11-2010
I actually interview a few people but one came with dyed black hair and piercings everywhere and another came holding her back so that screamed disability to me! It has been a nightmare trying to find someone!

But, good news. She was sick this wk and still worked every day! She has also been right on her son. If he is running around she is right there to correct the behavior! It's actually been going good this wk. Now next wk they have a wk off from school so we will see how that goes!
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