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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Expanded Daycare! Got a Small Group License Yesterday!
Abigail 08:13 AM 07-04-2012
I'm so excited! I was worrying forever that I would not be able to enroll more kids because I'm new, don't have kids, the yard isn't fully fenced (YET) and that we have a center setup in a house. Anyways I have another infant who will be enrolling in the winter and if I get one more child enrolled full time I want to start learning how to hire help. Then I can work the morning shift alone and have someone come in and possibly close for me a few days a week so I can do everything daycare (shopping, cooking, cleaning) during the day and enjoy my evenings and weekends! So excited!

Do you have ANY advice on hiring/interviewing/payroll/etc? Thanks!

I can now have 12 children in my care with another employee. It was 7, but I'm not at 7 yet.
cheerfuldom 08:36 AM 07-04-2012
There is a series of blog posts that NannyDe did on the home page......lots of good stuff to think about!
DaisyMamma 04:24 PM 07-08-2012
i have no advice, I just wanted to say congrats!!
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