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mainemommy 03:31 PM 04-11-2008
I am considering opening an at-home day care this summer/fall. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the issues/problems that you have encountered and how you have overcome them?

thank you.
Unregistered 02:23 AM 04-24-2008
I've run a daycare/ preschool (up to 8 students) in my home for the past 10 years in Massachusetts (land of the rules and regulations!).

Some things I've learned over the years to make it easier are this:

1. Save money on food (I don't use a food program, not worth all the required paperwork). . . I use the "Wish Tree" and post slips of paper with requested donated items on it and each family pulls one or two slips off a week and provide the food. I get 90% of all the food I use for daycare (including paper items like paper towels and toilet paper) this way.

2. In order to save "asking for the check" I have a rule that payment is due the MORNING of the last day of the week their child is in care or they can't drop the child off. It's been very effective over the years in my not having to chase after payment.

3. Write up a contract of what you expect from the families and what they can expect from you. Have each parent and yourself sign in and give them a copy, this way when a dispute comes up you pull the contract and show them that they agreed to it at the beginning of their child being in care.

There are a great many more things I could add but not sure how much info or what type of program you are looking to do.

Good luck!
mainemommy 03:34 PM 05-19-2008
Thanks for the info! I am hoping to open my day care in August, with an Open House scheduled for July. The "wish tree" is a great idea! I may have to try that! As for my payment requirements, I'm requesting payment the Monday morning of that week. No money by the end of the day, a fee gets added and termination may occur.
Unregistered 09:23 PM 05-27-2008
Hi, I am thinking about opening a small family day care (up to children) in my home this fall. I was wondering if I am going to need some type of liability insurance, I live in Southern California. I am open to any suggestions anyone out there may have! Thanks!
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