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Daycare and Taxes>Tom Copeland....Clarification on Hiring a Employee & Taxes
frugalmama4 08:47 AM 03-18-2013
Good Morning,

I know this topic has been discuss a lot I apologize if this is a repeat.

Tom- I'm reading over your tax workbook, blog and the IRS website regarding payroll taxes...I'm a little confused.

I understand that if you hire more then one person you have to pay minimum wage $7.25 per-hour.


If I hire Sally to work for the months of Jan-May and then she leaves. I then hire Sue to work'I still required to pay them both minimum wage? Are does the minimum wage only apply when two separate people are hired to work during the same time period?

If I only hire one person can pay her a daily/weekly salary instead of minimum? I do not have a state minimum wage.

Tax write off-
Am'I writing off all expenses related to hiring someone? The amount paid to them and tax I pay on their behalf?

Thanks Tom...for all your help.
TomCopeland 09:31 AM 03-19-2013
I read the law as saying that if you hired two or more people in a year you would have to pay the federal minimum wage. If you do hire only one person you can pay her a daily or weekly rate. You can deduct all expenses associated with hiring someone, including all payroll taxes.
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