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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Center Director or Home Daycare Owner?
consmom 07:15 PM 06-23-2016
Hi, I'm new here....first post.
Have any of you been a center director and run your own home day care (obviously not at the same time)? What did you like best? Why? What did you not like?
Michael 10:49 PM 06-23-2016
Welcome to the forum!
Unregistered 09:06 PM 06-24-2016
I've done both.

I left my child care home to open a center. I was a co-owner but I was the director.

I like family care much better and went back to it after two years.

For me family care was:
calmer, cozier, less hectic, less noisy, less work, and a happier place to be - for me and the kids.

I also made more money in family care. There was too much overhead with the center. This was a smaller center in a small town.

I opened the center because I did not like the isolation of in-home care. It also felt less professional to me.
When I went back to in-home I went out and taught half day preschool in a private preschool two afternoons a week. I loved it!
consmom 02:45 PM 06-25-2016
Thank for your input. I am weighing both options and have been thinking about all the things you mentioned in your post. Much appreciated.
Unregistered 07:32 PM 06-25-2016
I have my own very successful in-home. I thought about opening a center or being a center director. For me, it came down to money. I would be working longer hours for less money and more stress. So I'm still at home.
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