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Tigerlilly 06:30 PM 07-21-2017
Hello world everyone!

I am just beginning to journey towards getting my license in the state of Michigan. Will probably submit my application in a few weeks. This has been something we have thought about doing for a few years and now that my youngest is over 30 months old I feel like I am ready.

I will only be taking in 4 children at any given time so just a small time daycare. Still trying to figure out if I just want to offer strictly full-time spots. Part-time tends to get a bit complicated, especially when the parents do not work the same days every week. And I am looking for software to hell with payments, taxes and such so any input would be much appreciated.
Blackcat31 02:32 PM 07-22-2017
Welcome to the forum!

Jump right in and feel right at home!

We are a friendly helpful bunch!
BumbleBee 04:38 AM 07-24-2017
Welcome! I'm also in Michigan. I, personally, use quickbooks for accounting purposes.
Michael 11:13 AM 07-24-2017
Welcome to the form!
bklsmum 12:26 PM 07-24-2017
CityGarden 12:34 PM 07-24-2017
284878 08:05 PM 07-24-2017
Welcome, I use Quicken, I have used it for personal since 1999 and now business.
I have heard good things about, it's free and online.
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