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CountryRoads 02:33 PM 04-28-2020
Okay, so my state is allowing daycares to open back up on Friday. I expected the order to get extended a couple weeks since the governor only said salons and gyms could reopen under restrictions.

I already made some appointments next week and we started on an outdoor project (for daycare) that we would have to rush to get done. I think I will close next week and reopen the following Monday. Not sure though.

I know my parents have been waiting on me to open. Do I need to explain why I will stay closed next week (if I choose to) or just send out a letter that daycare will re-open on XX date? I feel like I will look unprofessional by choosing to stay closed another week.
rosieteddy 03:06 PM 04-28-2020
Send your letter.Reopen when you want.
CountryRoads 03:08 PM 04-28-2020
Originally Posted by rosieteddy:
Send your letter.Reopen when you want.
Why can't I just look at things as simply as this? I always overthink
rosieteddy 12:07 PM 04-29-2020
Fake it till you make it is my new motto.I always over thought every thing.Then I realized didn't matter.Just do whats best for you.They can follow your lead. Less words the better.
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