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christinaskids 08:26 AM 06-29-2011
I have a two year old little girl here that was actually my first daycare child. She is very cute and the only child to very young parents. The problem is she is does the opposite of what I say, gets into everything, constantly takes the toys from the other kids, and hits and kicks them. I try a lot of teachable moments when its calm on how to properly interact with the children and praise and hug her a lot when she acts good. However, if she is being violent or disrupting the other kids, then I will put her in a timeout for a minute or two and when she gets out I always talk to her about what she did and reinforce that I still love her but it seems like she is not making a whole lot of progress learning. It can be very frustrating and it goes on all day everyday.She is just very territorial over the toys and attention and doesn't understand yet that there are other children here also. Her mom seems to be doing the same thing I am, but she was watched by her grandmother before me who her mother says let her do anything. Any suggestions on this? There is no way I am going to term her.
Michael 02:19 PM 06-29-2011
Sounds like Terrible 2's to me. I placed a lot of related tags at the bottom left of this thread. Click through those topics and you will find a lot of earlier threads on the subjects.
VTMom 07:38 PM 06-29-2011
I have an almost 2 year old who is going through the same thing. He likes to test boundaries every chance he gets. I agree it's age related. I just stay consistent and he seems to be getting it. When he hits, I'll shower the victim with lots of attention. I'll also say "poor Junior, that really hurt him. Is he okay?". I think he's getting the link between his actions and how it effects his friends. He's the youngest by more then 2 years so it's also a challenge to teach the older kids not to laugh when he bounces blocks off their heads and to show him that it wasn't okay.
TBird 07:01 AM 06-30-2011
She'll come around to what's expected of her. Do and say the same things every day, repeating the rules clearly, precisely, and firmly. She'll eventually just takes time. It's 3 year olds will say to me..."I do that at Mommy's house but not at Miss T's house!!!" LOL!!!
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