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Danie362 06:39 AM 01-17-2013
I just wanted to know if anyone was using ACD food program, and if so how long did it take for your case to be active once you where licensed? I have been licensed for a month now and they say I am still not active. I am already thinking about switching , who would you all recommend? I live in Illinois.
Danie362 07:07 AM 01-17-2013
Sorry for the typo I foid = food
AllDeezBabies 07:10 AM 01-17-2013
I'm with ACD and when I started they told me that I have to have at least 1 active daycare child in order to become active. You are currently enrolled but do you have at least 1 active daycare child not of your own?
Unregistered 07:21 AM 01-17-2013
I use Illinois child care bureau. They are great. They also offer training hours. Good luck!
Danie362 07:40 AM 01-17-2013
I have 2 active children and they are telling me I have to wait to be active. I plan to call them today hoping I can get somewhere this time.
AllDeezBabies 08:32 AM 01-17-2013
Oh no, that's not acceptable. You should be able to call them and tell them and they should activate you right away.

I haven't had any issues with them......yet but this sounds like they're fooling with you, clearly.
butterfly 08:38 AM 01-17-2013
When I started on the food program, they needed to obtain a copy of my license through the licensing office to get me started. Is this maybe where the hold up is? Me signing paperwork and stating that I was licensed wasn't enough....
Danie362 01:46 PM 01-17-2013
I did call them and she said that DCFS has to be the one to change my status an 01 status. I have tried to call my rep but no answer. So I am hoping it changes tomorrow.
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