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ruckey04 07:30 PM 04-10-2014
For the past several months my home and daycare children have been very uneasy. We've had the worst DCB who would never follow directions, hitting, spitting, throwing dirt and whining. DCM believed child was a "saint". After his tantrums at drop off kept getting worse, she finally decided to withdrawl him, called me Wednesday morning to tell me. Still awaiting the last 2 weeks payment per contract, due tomorrow. I'm so glad to have this child out of my home. I've had termination papers drawn up since February, I know you'll ask why did I wait so long, but I felt horrible for that little boy. For a 3 year old to show such violence, really made me concerned that something must be happening at home. I know his dad is a real piece of work and his mother is about ignorant as they come. I was really hoping to help this little boy. Now my daycare children and I can be happy and never have to worry about that little monster again!
EntropyControlSpecialist 07:49 PM 04-10-2014
The amount of peace you feel when a violent, horribly behaved child leave has convinced me to NEVER stick it out again. Happy for you!
llpa 06:57 AM 04-11-2014
Awwww sad for him but happy happy happy for you
Enjoy the peace it brings.
Tags:terminate, violent behaviour
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