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lovemykidstoo 01:39 PM 07-14-2014
So dcb 3 yrs old comes today in regular underwear for the first time here. Guess he's been in regular underwear at home for a couple of weeks. Dad says, oh when he has to poop, he'll tell you and you can put a diaper on him. Keep in mind I have 4 kids today 3 and under. One of them is a 3 month old of theirs that his first week was last week. So, things are kinda nuts right now. So dcb comes up earlier today and tells me that he needs his diaper that he needs to poop. Yea, I'm not doing that. on the toilet he went. Guess what? he pooped on the toilet!
Unregistered 01:44 PM 07-14-2014
Yes,if you can carry on a conversation with me about putting a diaper on because you would like to poop,you are capable of going on the toilet.It's just like everything else kids WANT to do and parents are all like,oh but he wanted to or he didn't want to soooo...
No,you poop in the tolet.period!
mamamanda 02:11 PM 07-14-2014
Don't parents realize they just make more work for themselves as well as for us? If your kid can't poop in the toilet, he can't wear underwear in my daycare. Period. If he can tell you when he has to go and request a diaper, then there's no reason he can't poop in the toilet. Parents drive me crazy. lol
MrsSteinel'sHouse 04:09 PM 07-14-2014
I have so many parents that do this! I had one mom amazed- you mean he can poop in the potty? yes, yes he can.
Meeko 05:34 PM 07-14-2014
I don't care if kids are completely diaper free at home.

Until they have been clean and dry here for 2 whole weeks with NO prompting from me...they will be in a pull-up.
lovemykidstoo 06:24 PM 07-14-2014
These parents just amaze me. I can't believe the ones I have right now between the one that lets their 3 yr old take his arms out of his carseat straps and this one that will bring me a diaper and have me put it on for him to poop. What the hell is wrong with people? They are seriously making me want to quit and just go get a job somewhere. It really scares me to think of these kids when they're adults if this is how they're going to be raised.
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