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Unregistered 04:54 PM 11-26-2014
Anyone ever heard of this? I have no idea how it works I just over heard two daycare moms talking about trying it with their two year olds over thanksgiving break. How does it work? She said she was going to let him run naked and give him tons of drinks. I can see it now come Monday i will have to inforce my two weeks accident free policy ugh!
Heidi 04:58 PM 11-26-2014
Yeah...I read that book 22 years ago, and tried it with my son.

It did NOT work for him. It was almost another year before he was ready.

You basically badger your child into using the potty by filling them up with drinks, modeling with a doll that pees, making them sit on the potty every few minutes, and badgering them with "wet" and "dry" things.

Maybe it didn't work for my LO because I'm not good an badgering. I probably should have had my ex husband take the reigns on it.

Did I say that?
ColorfulSunburst 06:35 PM 11-26-2014
If a child is peeing into diapers during 2 years (s)he will not start to do that into a potty just in two days. It sounds like a commercial about learning a foreign language:" buy our book and start to speak in a new language in a couple days!"
Controlled Chaos 08:08 PM 11-26-2014
I think it works if they have already been successful on the potty but are still wet sometimes. But they have to be ready. When I thought my kids were ready to try big kid underwear I would do a 3 day trial at home to evaluate, but I don't think I was as intense... no badgering here
Rachel 05:10 AM 11-30-2014
I will disagree but I will say when a child is ready 3 days is plenty of time to potty train. I also take off diapers and go for it (at home of course, would never send to daycare until using hte potty well!). Three of my 5 kids have trained in 2 or 3 days. Take off diapers, introduce toilet, 2 days later accident free. The 4th took a longer time but she was home with me and didn't want a diaper (hey big sisters didn't have!). But she was home with me so it didn't really make a difference and was still using the toilet fine by the age of 2. Number 5 was anti in the summer when I had him home, now I think he would be ready but he goes to daycare (regs here) and I am waiting for a break to see if he can train or not. Likely in the spring.
Second Home 07:23 AM 11-30-2014
My 3yr dcb ( now 4yrs) did potty training over Thanksgiving break last year ( 5 days) and he came back on the next Monday . I think he had 1 accident in the first few weeks that was it . It worked for them but again he was ready and could tell my whenever he had to pee or poop before he went in his diaper .
hsdcmama 07:51 AM 11-30-2014
Actually, I trained all 3 of my own kids using Lora Jensen's 3-day potty training method, and it worked for all of them (1 girl, 2 boys). I will say though that my boys were not "night trained" in those 3 days; for some reason they were never able to hold it or wake up to go at night for a few months even though the were fully trained during the day. I heard somewhere that boys' bladders are different somehow, and that it's a common issue. I just put them in Pull-Ups at night & called them "night-time underwear" so they wouldn't get confused and think it was a pretty diaper they could still pee in.

That being said, my kids were not in daycare during that time, so the environment and caregiving was very consistent. I don't know if children who had just gone through the 3-day method and are considered "potty-trained" will regress once they go to daycare on Monday, simply because children are sensitive to those changes in environment. When I first opened my daycare, I was very open to the whole "potty-train in your underwear" thing, assuming that if parents chose to go that route they would assume full responsibility for training over the weekend and stick to it. Yeah... no. Now I have completely re-vamped my PT policy bc I see that not all parents are willing to make the commitment it takes to train their child over the weekend. You basically have to clear your calendar & follow your child around; be his "buddy" -- do puzzles, play games & whatever -- all weekend, while staring at his nether regions all day, and the second he pees, you rush him to the potty. Eventually he will start going in his undies & then finish on the potty, which turns into getting to the potty BEFORE he pees, which turns into recognizing the poop urge and being able to hold that until he runs to the potty as well. It really is a natural progression that makes sense, and is not at all traumatic -- but the parents must be willing to clear their calendar for the weekend and be prepared to be their child's shadow the whole time (LITERALLY every minute of all 3 days). Many parents are not willing to do that, so you end up with them telling you, "Yes, we potty-trained Johnny this weekend, he did great!". When in reality they were lax about the whole thing, so Johnny actually has not completed the whole process and will still have accidents at your house. It worked great for my kids, but I won't let a kid come to my house in underwear until they have proven themselves accident-free at my house as well.
spud912 08:35 AM 11-30-2014
I did a modified version of this, but to be successful the child has to be fully ready. My older daughter took 2 days and only had a handful of accidents. She also was night trained in those two days (although I did keep diapers on her for an additional week at night time just to be sure). My second daughter took about 3-4 days and we did have to keep her on the potty for awhile at a time and loaded her up on drinks. She did have quite a lot of accidents for the first year and still has a rare accident 2 years later. My eldest trained at 3 years old and 1 week and my second was 2 years, 4 months.

I also single-handedly trained a dcb in 3 days using this method at daycare. He has never had an accident for me. He was 3 years and 5 months (and to be honest more than ready, his parents kept delaying potty training and I got sick of changing his diapers).

I've assisted two other parents with potty took about 2 months and the other is still "training," nearly a year later. I personally would rather get it done in a matter of days once I know they are fully ready.
Heidi 09:13 AM 11-30-2014
Same kiddo I tried that with when he was 2, was potty trained in a day 12 months later.

By that time, he was close to 3, and very verbal. I just had "a talk" with him about a week prior:

"Griffin, we are almost out of diapers, and you're getting too old for diapers. So, we are going to go by some underwear, and when we run out of diapers, you need to use the toilet".

"Ok", he answered

We bought Thomas the Tank Engine underwear, and he did NOT want Thomas to get wet/messy, so he had maybe 2 accidents the first day, and that was it.

My son was an "old soul" type kid, so if it made sense to him, he did it.

The other 3 were not that easy, but they were all around 3 years old.
NoMoreJuice! 09:21 AM 11-30-2014
I have Lora Jensen's book in pdf if anyone would like to read it! I ADORE her 3 day method, although I realize it's not right for every parent or every child. I potty trained one of my dc kids a few years back with it. She had been very unsuccessful with training because she just wasn't recognizing that sensation of needing to pee (the whole point of this program). So I kept her for a weekend while her mom worked and we started Saturday morning. The #1 most important thing, in my mind, is to THROW OUT THE DIAPERS! We made a big celebration of it together, and got rid of all of them! She felt like a big girl already.

From then on, it was fluid pushing and hanging out in the tiled kitchen. The first time she peed, it ran down her leg and she was so upset! We chatted about it, and she decided herself that she'd rather do that in the potty chair a few feet away. So the next time (20 minutes later) she had the urge, she ran for her her chair! It was magical, I'm telling you! She only had one accident after that.

I have had three parents since be successful with that method. I even wrote it into my policy handbook, and offer parents a free day off (Monday or Friday) if they successfully complete it. In this new house, I have hardwood floors in every room upstairs, so I have no problem letting kids continue it here and risking an accident in undies, but I can see how some providers with carpet and/or infants may not love that idea.

Anyway, I give it two thumbs up!
Crazy8 07:50 PM 12-01-2014
With my own dd I read a book called potty training in a day. I followed the principles loosely (didn't use a peeing doll like they suggested, etc.) and she was trained in about 4 days.

I do believe in the method and suggest "potty training bootcamp" for my families when we all agree a child is ready. Problem I run into lately is parents CAN NOT stay home for more than a day - its like they will go insane if they have to stay home and train their child for a few days.
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