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TSDaycare 04:47 AM 06-12-2017
Need some ideas on how you all go about this. This is new to me, with my kids I just did underwear at home and cleaned up messes as they occurred. But with dc, I can see this being a catastrophe and my home smelling like pee. Trying to do 2 boys that are both 2 1/2 and both showing interest.
daycarediva 05:24 AM 06-12-2017
Pullups or diapers until dry for two weeks, I take my kids on regular potty breaks and start changing them on the toilet as soon as they start here (18m)

are the parents trying at home? otherwise I typically find you will have no success.
Blackcat31 07:23 AM 06-12-2017
I don't involve myself in potty training until the parent has made some significant success at home.

Once the child has mastered certain skills; undressing and redressing themselves, knowing when they need to go, how to hold it a few minutes when necessary and have stayed continuously dry for a minimum of 2 weeks then they can start wearing regular underwear at daycare.

If they have an accident after that, it's back to Pull ups or protective coverings before being allowed to try underwear again.

If a child is truly ready to use the bathroom (and age has NOTHING to do with it) it really should only take a couple days to train them.

Once a child has reached the point of being ready, most my parents take along weekend and train them over the weekend. No fuss, no mess, easy peasy and stress free!

Taking children to the bathroom on timed intervals is NOT training them. It's training you.

I view toilet training as a parental responsibility and not one I get too involved in.
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