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HappyOwl 07:08 PM 08-03-2018
Hi all!

So I've been doing daycare for 12 years now and I live in a military area and we are a retired military family. I have been getting SO many calls from military families in my area lately who ask if I accept NACCRRA (a Navy fee assistance program). I have never looked into NACCRRA but was wondering if any of you use it for your families and if you could tell me if it's worth it? Is it a pain? Is it easy? Will I regret it? lol

It's weird because I never used to get calls asking if I allow NACCRRA payments and now its weekly. They keep telling me that all of the providers who take it around here are full and the waitlists are a year long. So maybe it would be worth it to do it. I dont know.

Any advice from providers that know?
Michael 07:24 PM 08-03-2018
Here is a list of 1300 naccrra providers in California. They have email addresses that you could possibly reach out to with your questions:
HappyOwl 07:52 PM 08-03-2018
Thanks Michael. I appreciate it.
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