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Josiegirl 02:56 AM 02-20-2019
So I've got 2 dcks at the moment who are going through it. Dcg was having great success and now it's only once in awhile she wants to use it. But always at the most inopportune times such as when everybody's dressed to go outside. That kid can whip off all her outerwear quicker than anyone I've ever seen. The other dck is 21 mo and the parents have started the process making it into a super huge deal at home, letting him go into the bathroom and shutting the door for his privacy. So when they go in, he's peed all over the potty and floor. Ummm, call me stupid but don't you think you should be in there giving him some guidance or at least keeping his hands out of the toilet??? Their reward was he pooped a little on the potty and when he was done, they went in and he was holding it in his hands. Lol So now he *wants* to do it here, pulls his pants down and walks around like that. When I try to help him sit on the potty he'll have nothing to do with it and we have to get him all dressed again. Repeat 10x a day with 0 success.
So much fun; got all the time in the world for this.
If evolution was real, babies would be born knowing how to use the bathroom.
Blackcat31 08:33 AM 02-20-2019
Originally Posted by Josiegirl:
If evolution was real, babies would be born knowing how to use the bathroom.

potty training sucks
Jupadia 09:35 AM 02-20-2019
I'm with you, I just got one done and now have another guy to do. What makes it the worse is he is mine and just turned 3 at the end of December.
. So far he only goes at diaper change times and has pushed both out though just the 1 bm. Will pee every time i put him on, but has yet to ask. I show him underware and i get a tantrum. Yet he starts jr kinder in the fall.
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