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Ander 03:45 AM 03-11-2013
Hi Everybody,

My name is Ander and I'm working on a Project in Nederland's for the university of Delft.

I am doing a research related to how the children, in the first four years, are developed with the main objetive to find out if there is any developmental issue or problem

I know there are lots of tests, that, normally teachers or caring people do and fill them, but I do not know how they work with them, neither how are those test.

It would be great to hear your experience with these tests and see with which one do you work.

I'm looking for your answers

Thank you very much,

Michael 04:39 AM 03-11-2013
Welcome to the forum!
Ander 05:06 AM 03-11-2013
Originally Posted by Michael:
Welcome to the forum!
Thank you very much Michael
Ander 03:51 AM 03-12-2013

As you know, I am doing a research for my master thesis, so with the objetive to know a Little bit more about caregivers, I have prepeared a very easy test.

This is the link:

On this test, I ask some questions related to the development of children and how it is measured.

It would be great to have as much answers as posible, so please answer the questionaire, it won't take you more tan 5-10 minutes.

Thank you very much!!

Ander 04:12 AM 03-15-2013

I have received some answers, but it would be great to get as much answers as possible!

It would be very interesting also, if we could discuss here some aspects concerning the development of children, so feel free to talk. It could be very enriching for everyone!!

Thank you!!
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