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Daycare and Taxes>Can I Claim?
My Lil' Monkeys 06:32 PM 03-08-2011
I was just wondering. I live in my boyfriends house and I run my licensed daycare out of our home. But, if the mortgage, car insurance, cell phones...etc are in his name can I claim them on my daycare taxes? I give him $ towards bills but they are in his name not mine. Please Help!! I didn't make that much in 2010
TomCopeland 07:15 PM 03-08-2011
Since your name is not on the house mortgage you can't deduct any house expenses. If your name is on the utility bill you could deduct a portion of that. If you paid your boyfriend rent, you could deduct the rent, however, he would have to report it as income on Schedule E.

So..... time to get married!
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