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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas Post breakfast items, lunch items, and snack items that are all child friendly here. Each posting should include ONLY ONE meal option. The SUBJECT of each message should be ONLY the name of the food you are describing.

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Old 01-12-2012, 07:44 AM
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Default Make Their Own Breakfast, How?

I would like to know how you guys organize or put together the "make your own breakfast/lunch" station.

I have small kids, all 3 and under and one 5 year old. I would like the older two to start trying this.
Can you give me some ideas of how to set it up?
I just imagine cereal being poured on the floor and milk being spilled everywhere I know this isnt the case but Im a big "mess hater" LOL Im learning to loosen up
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Old 01-12-2012, 09:29 AM
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I would have a plate with lots of different fruits on it and spoons by each fruit. Then have cereal in bowls on the table with spoons in each of them too. I would have milk in 4 ounce cups on table and show them how to take fruit, cereal and pour milk.

Also, I have my 18 months and up get their own plates, bowls, cups and put on table. I put alot on plates or in bowls and have them self serve. Snack/breakfast is less messy then lunch, but by the time they are 2 or 2.5 they have it down and feel great doing it!
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Old 01-12-2012, 10:32 AM
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Cereal and milked DO get spilled on the floor LOL

I put everything in serving bowls, with serving spoons. things like pancakes and waffles go on a platter with tongs (great for fine motor!!!)

The cereal gets put in an old tuperware thing I have that's meant for spagetti. The hole is just big enough for them to pour it out without dumping the whole box, and the cylinder shape is thin enough the can get both hands around it to hold.

like this one...

Milk gets put in a 32 ounce plastic tumbler like this one...

I only put enough milk for one child at a time (4 to 6 ounces) to I do have to refill it a couple of times, but when they do spill it, its not so bad.

ALL of the condiments get put in these things....

...and labeled. They seem to work much better for the kiddos then the huge squeeze jars they originally come in.

hope this helps!
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Old 01-12-2012, 11:20 AM
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I agree with Mel. The trick is child-size items. Oh and yes, spilling is part of the process. If they don't spill, how do they ever learn to be more careful and to clean up?
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