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MarinaVanessa 11:12 AM 12-15-2016
So I went in to "try" out KidKare for the 30 day trial and everything migrated over from MMK Pro. I can still access MMK so that's good.

Here's my question ... I see the option to add new children but what if we need to edit our currently enrolled children? Like their hours, gender, payment type etc?

And is there a way to add billing info so that it pops up when I create invoices instead of having to manually enter each clients rate? Each client is billed a different rate depending on their hours and I love that in MMK it saves their rate amount.

I can see why lots of people are complaining. It did some major wonky things to my client info.
NillaWafers 12:26 PM 12-15-2016
Are you with the food program? I can't edit that stuff because it's on the enrollment sheet. I just had to call my food program a few days ago and they said I had to reprint the enrollment, edit it in pen and have the parent initial and sign the changes.

When enrolling children I noticed I had to pick one from each enthnicity and race, so even though the child only fit one category, I had to fill out both (and just randomly select one).
MarinaVanessa 12:58 PM 12-15-2016
I'm not on the food program. I just use MMK as my accounting program. I did write to support so hopefully it doesn't take too long to hear back. There are a couple of things like hours that I did figure out how to change but other things don't seem to have an Edit option
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