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NillaWafers 04:22 PM 01-02-2017
I have switched to brightwheel, mostly due to the terrible support and service from KidKare after they forced me to switch from MMK.

I now need to track my expenses with another program. I currently snapshot all my receipts with Cam Scanner which has been a freaking lifesaver for me.

I was looking at quickbooks, but I realize there may be other software out there. What do you use? Why?
284878 02:18 PM 01-03-2017
I posted this on another thread.
I have used Quicken for my budget since 1999, currently use 2011. When I started my day care I just continued to use it. I have the business edition and just enter all my payments, mileage and receipts in there like normal. At the end of the year, I just pull up the tax report and every thing comes with it, including any other tax relate items like property tax. Anything else that I want to keep track of I just toss into a spreadsheet.
I just ordered my turbo tax from Amazon, the exclusive copy comes with Free Quicken 2017 for a year. So you could try it for a year or even just a month. -
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