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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>New Fence Going Up Today!
beachgrl 06:51 AM 01-21-2012
We live fairly close to the road and although my play area is located in my backyard, that is also where the parking area is and several potentislmparents have asked about my fence or lack thereof. It has taken almost 6 mo of being open to be able to get the extra money to do it and im so hopeful that itnpays off in my last two spots being filledmso i dont regret spending the money when i may need it in a mo or so to make our house payments...but I am excited that we are gettingnit done finally and the parents as well as myself will like that the littles have a fenced play area.

I told my hubby if the daycare doesnt workout and i have to go back to teaching, at least we will have a nice big fenced area for our dogs. It will also serve to keep our neighbors annoying dogs out ofmour backyard area and hopefully slow down the other neighbors stupid cats from trying to kill our birds at our birdfeeders
LittleD 07:45 AM 01-22-2012
It pays to put money back into your business, and I'm sure it will be a big bonus for your daycare! Congrats!
beachgrl 01:16 PM 01-22-2012
Thanks, it is nice to have a big play area fenced in, it should add to the perks of my center since we dont HAVE to have one per licensing..
Mrs. CC 06:54 AM 01-24-2012
So cool! I want a fenced in area too! We have a lot of land (for us) but nothing is fenced in. That is part of my business plan for next year!!!!
AnneCordelia 07:11 AM 01-24-2012
A fenced yard is wonderful! I am sure you will love it!
MissK 07:22 AM 01-24-2012
Congrats! Thats one thing that I'm going to be saving for is fencing in our yard - the house we are buying is on a double lot in town so we have a lot of back yard and side yard. Super large area which is awesome, but also lots of $ if we want to fence in the whole area....
Hope it eases your daycare parents minds as well and good luck on filling the last 2 spots!!!
beachgrl 09:24 AM 01-24-2012
Yes, it is awesome to have! The parents pull up and park around back too where our play area is so this aldo separates them from parents pulling upmand littles running over to them which I always had to keep an eye out for them coming up the drive and make sure I was nearby so they eouldnt trynto do that but now no worries even if someone does pull up while we are outside playing!

I wanted to get it done in the Fall but didnt have the extra $ and its going to cost us about $2000 to do the area we did, and we really want to do an area in front for the dogs too but for now they have a large foldable doggie playpen we move around to let them go out and do their business in the front yard. The kids play area took precedence over that, plus doing our whole front yard will prolly run twice as much, yikes!

If the daycare doesnt take off and i have to close, well then we have a fenced in area for our yap yap dogs anyway lol.

I REAALLYY want to vinyl our house, replace front and back foors, repair all the rotting wood trim and facia, put down linoleum or laminate instead of the ugly carpet we have and so much more but one thing at a time. My house looks kinda blah from the outside and the fence actually made it look a bit better haha.
SunnyDay 06:14 PM 01-24-2012
This is something I would like to do eventually, too. What type of fence did you go with?
beachgrl 10:19 PM 01-25-2012
Originally Posted by SunnyDay:
This is something I would like to do eventually, too. What type of fence did you go with?
We did chain link because it was most cost effective for us and although i wish i had the $ to do a picket or wood privacy fence, the kids can see through the chain link and i can see when someone pulls up, etc and it really does make our play area look nicer, more organized and even makes my house which is in bad need of vinyl siding look better lol!
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