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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Kidkare Down?
BumbleBee 10:42 AM 10-15-2018
Is KidKare down for maintenance today (Monday Oct 15th?) I didn't log on this weekend due to being busy and was going to input last weeks records today during nap time.
Rockgirl 10:48 AM 10-15-2018
I just entered meals with no problems.
Cat Herder 11:17 AM 10-15-2018
I was able to input the months' expenses without problems 30 minutes ago.

It does require refreshing, often, for me, though. Always has.
BumbleBee 01:45 PM 10-15-2018
Thank you ladies! I restarted my computer (updates) and it worked after that. Idk what the deal was but it's working now.
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