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theflyingflamingo 06:58 PM 04-21-2010
Hi all I've been lurking here for a while and have learned ALOT.

I am about to have my final licensing inspection and what to start preparing my advertising. I'm wondering what to do if people inquire about caring for "afterschoolers' during the summer months. Do you take them on? How do you entertain them? I only have experience with toddlers- not sure how to handle this situation should it come up- and I don't want to be caught off guard.

Thanks much,
melskids 03:28 AM 04-22-2010
i guess it depends on if you want to take them or not. if you don't, specify that in your advertising ( i.e.- "now caring for 2-5 year olds" or "specializing in preschool" or something like that) if someone calls asking about school age, i would just say something like " i'm sorry but i dont accept school age children" or " my program is designed for 2-5 year olds". i'm not that great with wording, but my point is i would just be honest.

now if you do want to take SA, be prepared! you would think SA would be easier cause theyre older, but they are not!!!!! (i personally LOVE SA, and i am planning on eventually doing a SA only program.) but they do come with their own ups and downs. they tend to bicker ALOT, and have much stronger opinions and personalities, SA boys are VERY active, and most will no longer take naps. but they are old enough to kind of entertain themselves for longer, we do alot of neat projects, and field trips are WAY cooler and easier with the older ones. they are helpful with the younger ones too. (at least mine are) they will read they younger ones books, help with projects, and entertain them with their antics. and normally i do not let the kids watch t.v. or play video games, but sometimes i let the SA when they are here, usually during nap time so they are quiet. the girls still like dramatic play and the kitchen, actually so do the they like a lot of open ended craft supplies, and also craft kits from oriental trading. they like science experiments, especially things that blow i have tiny legos, bionicles, magnetix, lincoln logs, knex, harder puzzles, board games, and chapter books for them. i have some computer games they like, educational, but still fun. we spend alot of time outdoors to run and release energy. they like more organized games like baseball and kickball. they like to have time to just chill too, open ended free play. they spend alot of structured time at school, so i like my program to be a place to just relax and have a good time for them (although i still like to do educational stuff with them). they can be alot of fun, if you like that age group. we are on spring break this week, so i have a house full of SA, and i am EXHAUSTED!! but i love it!
boysx5 04:03 AM 04-22-2010
I always found after schoolers to be more work I no longer do after school care for that very reason. I love the younger plus I have enough of my own children after school. I'm doing two after schoolers two days a week for a friend who is in the hospital and after being stuck inside yesterday with the rain I know now why I don't do it. Good luck
TGT09 04:21 AM 04-22-2010
I do both. I entertain the same way as Melskids. I don't think they are much more work than toddlers. However, she's right WAY more opinions, attitudes, and physical.....oh boy! They step on everything!

Sometimes I wonder if I should be only doing all toddler but then I really love some of after schoolers. It would be nice to be able to be choosier but I've only been open less than a year.
Reply 08:55 AM 04-22-2010
I love school kids but in the summer they make me nuts. I am dreading it. Im still deciding if I want to mess with it. I love babies! love love love my younger kids. But the school kids are just,... well.... grown. lol. they are noisier, hungrier, louder and just ' more ' than their younger playmates.
mac60 09:02 AM 04-22-2010
But what do you do when you have young siblings in your care ft, and a schoolager from the same family. Here people don't want 2 different providers.

They are harder to keep happy, a little mouthy and sneaky at times, and definately eat more. But, I do take them, my oldest is 7 and I have had her for her whole life.
jen 09:10 AM 04-22-2010
I don't take after-schoolers unless they have grown up here. It seems to me that when I take them on from somewhere else, it is always a PITA!
Reply 09:30 AM 04-22-2010
I dont have any like that now, but I would encourage them to use the y's summer camp. they go hiking, play out at parks, go swimming,.. etc. I dont offer any of those things. I have one a boy who lives behind me who last summer was here, and it was he@@. He is 9, 10 in july and too old for my program. he is just too old. I sent out notices in this last newsletter saying that due to full enrollment, I would be unable to offer expanded hours to any families for the summer. That I had no openings for anyone.

Basicly, he can come from 7-8 am and 4-5 pm. but other than that I dont have room. Now, did she read it??? probably not,.. Ill send a reminder out end of next week so that will give her 4 weeks notice. but then again Im assuming she will read it. when 2 weeks of school are left Ill text her to make sure she read the papers,...
theflyingflamingo 10:28 AM 04-22-2010
Well ladies that was a loud and clear answer- and thanks for the info- NO AFTER SCHOOLERS for the summer.
Thanks much!!!!
TGT09 10:31 AM 04-22-2010
Originally Posted by jen:
I don't take after-schoolers unless they have grown up here. It seems to me that when I take them on from somewhere else, it is always a PITA!
YEP! I agree with this. I'm definitely not accepting anymore school-agers for a while and will focus on toddlers, although I'm not accepting anyone at the current.
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