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NaneyNoel 11:12 PM 08-22-2015
Hello. I am needing a bit of opinion/info on licensing that I have been unable to find.
I am exploring the idea of opening a family center (not a family child care center) in my community which would offer after school care. We would charge a membership price for families to come use the facility during all open hours and an additional fee for before and after school care at the same location. We would provide tutoring, homework help, a snack for those in care, daily craft and group activities, and of course free play (legos, puzzles, provided electronics, etc). Our area doesnt have many family oriented things and I believe this would be great for our community.

I have been able to find licensing information for my state (Wyoming) online but am still unclear on a couple of things.
If a family were to come in and use the center (parent/guardian present the whole time), would the children count into the ratio?
I would have one other gal working alongside me who has two young children. If she were to have her little ones there, how would this affect my ratio being that they are not the majority age? (They will be 3.5 and nearly 1 at the time, the kids in care would be between the ages of 6 and 12.)

I am hoping someone may have some insight into these questions or know of a site I can do some digging on. I am currently working abroad and unfortunately cant simply call up the licencor in my area because of international calling rates. I am looking to open the facility in about a year, so have plenty of time to work it all out. I just want to make sure I know these requirements before plunging in.
Thank you for your time!
Michael 11:44 PM 08-22-2015
Welcome to the forum!
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