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Unregistered 07:02 PM 04-17-2012
My contract reads that if I am open and a child doesn't attend I get paid. If I am closed for holidays etc they don't have to pay. I had a family take vacation this week and didn't pay me and I believe they don't intend on paying for this week. I am new to daycare and have not come across this problem yet. How do I approach mom? I feel awkward about it. Advise please and thank you
Breezy 08:05 PM 04-17-2012
I would just let the family know that as per your contract, fees for the week they are were gone are still due. They signed the contract, they agreed to the terms!
Frizzled 03:52 AM 04-18-2012
What I've found is that most parents feel as awkward about as you do. They will take the information and then go read their contract. You'll probably then get paid. Whatever you do, don't back down. They will take advantage of that, not even as bad people, I think it's human nature. If you feel really super awkward I would send them a quick email saying, "Per the contract I was supposed to receive payment for the days you guys were on vacation. So that would be due ______ thanks so much for your prompt action."

It is awkward but it's why we have contracts right? GOOD LUCK!
DaisyMamma 04:02 AM 04-18-2012
Don't back down!
I had a sick girl who was out for an entire week, her mom flatly stated she wasn't paying. I said sorry, its in my contract. I had to tell them pay or don't come back. She paid. Now she doesnt question it. If I had backed down she would've done it again and again.
She even tried to manipulate me and pull a guilt trip about how her last daycare was more understanding. I just ignored it.
Kaddidle Care 04:27 AM 04-18-2012
If they were more understanding, then why isn't she still with them?

Get your money dear. Best wishes.
SunshineMama 06:29 AM 04-18-2012
I had the same policy last year and not a single parent paid me my vacation. I was spineless and didn't mention it to anyone

I am still kicking myself for that one.

This year I changed it so that all holidays were to be paid, and vacay was unpaid. For some reason no one has a problem with that.

Maybe make an invoice?
DBug 06:55 AM 04-18-2012
I hate asking for money. I'd email them and say "I'm so sorry! I forgot to check with you about how/when you wanted to pay for your vacation week. Did you want to drop it off, or just do an email money transfer? I'll be around this evening from x:00 to xx:00 if you'd like to drop it off. Thanks!!"

For most of my parents, it really has just been a matter of them forgetting. Or, if they really thought they didn't have to pay, they've all been polite enough to fake that they forgot about it . It usually only has to happen once, and they've always rushed over to drop it off as soon as possible. Usually .
MarinaVanessa 07:25 AM 04-18-2012
I'd make sure to clarify your policy about this and say that not only are you paid for the time that they go on vacation but they must pay for that time in advance on the last day of child care before they go on vacation KWIM?

And I would deffinetely recommend that you strengthen your backbone. They're not going to follow your policies unless you enforce them. Been there, done that .
wdmmom 07:31 AM 04-18-2012
I would approach them in a non confrontational kind of way (perhaps at pickup):

You: "Hey Sally, since Jimmy wasn't here last week, you forgot to make payment on (whatever day it was due). Did you want to take care of that balance today or would it be easier to pay it on Friday. Either way is fine by me.
Ariana 09:38 AM 04-18-2012
I would e-mail them so as to avoid the awkwardness at the door. they might have plum forgot about that part in your contract. The e-mail will give them a chance to look over the contract again and write you a check
AnneCordelia 09:44 AM 04-18-2012
What does your policy say, if you don't mind my asking?
littlemissmuffet 09:56 AM 04-18-2012
I guess I am the odd one out here, but I don't see this situation as awkward at all - I see it as you run a business and you need to act accordingly. When you are owed money, you need to communicate it ASAP. Preferably IN PERSON (no emails, no letters, no texts.... no miscommunications). "You still owe $_____ for your last week of vacation, if your fee isn't paid by ______ you will be charge a $____/day late fee." If it was an honest mistake, so be it. If they want to fight it, just let them know that you will see them in court. This is your business, nobody else is going to run it for you. Situations will only become awkward if you allow them to.

I make a point of clarifying in very specific detail the money aspects of my contract (though I do go over the entire thing) during interviews. I also make sure parents are completely certain they understand the contract they are signing so that there is no room for misinterpretation or "Oh, I didn't read that part of the contract" later on.
KDC 10:00 AM 04-18-2012
I would send an e-mail or text. "I'm really sorry DC child was sick, of course I'll accept this weeks tuition with next weeks to make it easier for you". If she questions it, point back to contract.
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