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daycarediva 10:57 AM 02-11-2014
dcm of my sa dcb sends me a text, asking if I can give her a break on next weeks payment. She already owes me $17.50 from the last snow day, since she said her account was in the negative, I let it slide until her next scheduled payday (this Friday) . Here is what she is requesting-

dcb comes M-F before and after, and MOST days on vacations/school closings and summer. There is a custody thing and Dad has him. We have an agreement that she pays her base weekly amount (87.50) and then an additional 17.50 per day he will be here. That is a CRAZY good deal around here, and a huge break for her, she can find a neighbor, a coworker, dcd who does not work, grama, gets lots of free camps, etc to watch him in summer and I get a lighter load. She lets me know the night before that he will be here on breaks/summer.

That has worked for the last 3 years. She now wants me to charge her by the day for his space. So if he doesn't come, I get NOTHING. I can't do that and keep his space avail. Young SA is easy to come by, and I have two kids going to K that I have considered keeping for this summer (they will be considered SA).

She pays biweekly, So for next week- she wants to pay me (this was what she typed out in the text) $35 for Monday and $35 for Tuesday, 87.50 for bef/aft for the following week. (157.50)

What she owes by MY calculations/contract- 87.50+17.50 Monday, 17.50 Tues, plus 17.50 from the snow day, plus 87.50 for the following week. (227.50)

I feed him more, he is here more hours and you want to pay me LESS money? Is this unreasonable?
preschoolteacher 11:00 AM 02-11-2014
Yes, unreasonable!!! Follow your gut instinct and don't allow it.
itlw8 11:05 AM 02-11-2014
I would reply I am sorry that won't work for me. You need to pay for care already given as agreed but I will let you from now on pay for just before and after school care. Then you can find other care on school holidays and snow days. I will assume that also includes summer care.
Cat Herder 11:09 AM 02-11-2014
Exceptions lead to more exceptions.

Just say NO.

Advertise his slot and get your full rate without the drama.

3 years of drama and she has not gotten her stuff together... ack

Are you a saint???
Second Home 11:10 AM 02-11-2014
Either she pays for you to hold his spot for him or he changes to drop in care and you may not have room for him if she needs you .
Sounds like since you gave her a break before she is trying to do it again .
Blackcat31 11:14 AM 02-11-2014
I agree. Stand your ground...she has had a lot of time to get her ducks in a row.

I also think that another option would be to allow her to pay only for the days he uses but my drop in rate is 2x the regular daily rate AND space isn't always available and must be called in the morning care is needed.

So HER choice. Keep paying (on time) and get the deal she has or change to drop in status for a HIGHER day rate AND possible loss of space. (Which I would probably say was the case atleast half the time...just because).

Oh, and drop in's here pay in cash the same day as services at drop off.

Most parents immediately see how good they have it when given options.
daycarediva 11:14 AM 02-11-2014
She isn't drama----usually. I gave her the deal as I adore dcb. He does NOT do well elsewhere. He is diagnosed as ADHD/bi polar now. Mom and I think he has Aspergers. He is accepted here, everyone just loves him. He is a giant help to the littles (who worship him).

Definitely NOT your typical SA. He doesn't talk back to me, get rude, say he's bored, ask me a million questions or break rules. He DOES do things like-read to the littles, help them build forts, help serve/clean up meals and play legos for 4 hours straight. He's also quiet, as.a.mouse. As in "Where is HE?!"

Oh, and he NAPS most of the time. Voluntarily.

See? I can deal with Moms occasional requests for him. I just said "No, that won't work for me. We need to stick to the contract."

We will see.
Cat Herder 11:23 AM 02-11-2014
Originally Posted by daycarediva:
She isn't drama----usually.
I meant the ever changing schedule with less than 12 hours notice of attendance. That would shatter my sense of calm, structure and order... I am also ADHD and need my planned activities and routines..

I agree that starting a drop-in contract may be the best solution with her. Do you currently do drop in care?
daycarediva 05:47 PM 02-11-2014
Ohhhhh ok. I actually said to do this. It doesn't affect my day/schedule much at all, I don't need his income or use his space, so it's extra. It's also a bit like a play date for my kids.
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