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DaisyMamma 10:34 AM 07-08-2011
Does anyone use a daycare management software? If so, which one? How easy is it and what features does it offer?
If not, what methods do you use?

Thanks for your input
Cat Herder 10:40 AM 07-08-2011
Minute Menu Kids

There is usually a free 30 day trial.

It does it all. Even online payments...very easy to use, IMHO.

Click on the tag below to see all the threads about it.....
DaisyMamma 10:49 AM 07-10-2011
thank you!
Michael 11:54 AM 07-10-2011
Sandbox used our forum members to construct their software:
Cat Herder 11:54 AM 07-10-2011
Originally Posted by lymemomma:
thank you!
Sure!!! Someone here recommended it to me last year.

It has been awesome and freed up SO much of my desk/cabinet space...
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