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jojosmommy 12:33 PM 09-18-2013
I have recently been really stressed out with my own kids and applied for a job and got a call back and an interview.

I should be excited but I feel kinda guilty and instead of thinking about the positives Ive been thinking of all the things I won't be able to do if I work out of the home.

Im not sure how much this job will pay or if it has benefits but I feel kinda like my kids need a change.

Feeling confused.
mema 12:59 PM 09-18-2013
First off, welcome back! Haven't seen ya around here lately.

Secondly, don't feel guilty. Go to the interview, get a feel for what it would entail and decide from there. Pro/con list-I'm all about lists. I've made a few over the last few months. Good luck!

GabsKids 01:13 PM 09-18-2013
I don't know how much help I can be as I too, struggle with whether I should return to working outside of the home. I normally try to outweigh the pros and cons for each and doing daycare always wins. If there comes a time where I truly believe I would be happier doing something else, I would consider closing my doors. And that is not only for myself to be happy, but for my kids as well. Because I know they can only be happy if I am happy. My kids are all SA (14,11,8,7) and I love being home everyday when they get home from school. I know in the end they would rather be here than somewhere else or home alone. Not saying there are not awesome providers out there, I know there are, I also know they rarely have openings, especially for SA.

I am not sure how old your kiddos are, but you could always talk to them about the possibility of you working outside of the home and get their input. If they are too young to understand that concept, maybe you could visit some local daycares and providers in the area just to get a feel of how they (and you) would react in another setting other than your home.
I hope this helps! Good luck in your decision!
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