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originalkat 06:16 PM 08-06-2010
I read this little tip online and tried it out. It works awesome!

Wrap a large rubberband around the pump of the soap bottle. When the child presses the pump to get a squirt of soap, it only goes down half-way dispensing the perfect amount. Now my soap bottles last twice as long.

I want to teach the kids a little song or chant so they know to only get one squirt. Does anyone have one?
Michael 10:43 PM 08-06-2010
Good one. You can also dilute the soap with water.
thatgagirl 05:23 AM 08-07-2010
I use the foaming pumps, but one of mine doesnt seem to work right and only dispenses half anyway lol.

I refill all the foaming pumps with a little under 1/2 soap, the rest hot water...shake and VIOLA! I do this for the hand soap, and dish soap. I still have a full supply of method soap i got for free last christmas (coupons) but i use that in the pumps and it will likely last another year!
Crystal 06:23 AM 08-07-2010
that's funny....I just posted that in the daycare saving thread yesterday! lol!
thatgagirl 12:27 PM 08-07-2010
Originally Posted by Crystal:
that's funny....I just posted that in the daycare saving thread yesterday! lol!
I thought I had remembered seeing that recently!
QualiTcare 10:24 PM 08-07-2010
"squirts only get one squirt, squirts only get one squirt. get one squirt, wash you hands, and don't wipe em on your shirt."

how's that for a song?

i'm a dork. i know this.
thatgagirl 05:40 AM 08-08-2010
lol, thats funny!
SimpleMom 11:46 AM 08-10-2010
Here's one I like..."Bubbles in the bathtub, Bubbles in the sink, if you don't use bubbles, then you just might stink, stink, stink, pee eww AND rinse. sung to the tune of "Tiny Tim (the turtle)".
MARSTELAC 02:55 PM 01-14-2011
We just "a dot does a lot"!
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