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ILMommy 01:49 PM 06-04-2012
My very first dck started 7 months ago. I was desperate for kids, so I told my first 3 families that I would charge them $5/day less than what was in my contract because I was just starting, and I appreciated them giving me a chance. The agreement with my first family was $20/day until July, at which time they would pay my regular fee. This is where I'm running into issues: dcg is part time. She has a rotating schedule that is M,T,F one week and W,TH the next. So no way I could fill the alternate days. Also, mom drops her of at 5 am. My hours are 7:00-5:30, and I didn't charge any extra fee for the early drop off.

What I would like to do (and what it seems most experienced providers do) is charge either a higher part time rate or charge for 5 days even though she doesn't use all 5, AND add a fee for the early drop off time. She's picked up at 2:30, so she's not here for long hours every day, but the 5 AM drop off is a serious pain. I really don't care if this family gives notice, and if I had another child to replace her with I would term her in a second. However, I don't want to approach them with a new rate that is way out of line; I would like to keep it fairly consistent with what other providers would do. So, would anyone share what they would do in this situation and what they think is appropriate? Thanks!
Michael 01:50 PM 06-04-2012
Couple of good tag threads:
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