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Josephine 03:04 AM 06-09-2015
Hi all!
Was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm an Early childhood teacher at my daycare in the 0-2 year group and we have been having a bit of trouble during nap time with one of our 20 month olds. At the beginning of the year the child started and we had him sleeping on a foam mat with the majority of his other peers. At home he was and still is sleeping in a cot.

During the past two months his sleep during this nap time has been very inconsistent with him sleeping gradually less and less and not resettling after he wakes up after e.g. 20 mins, 30 mins. He is quite loud and screams very loudly upon waking up and is quite fidgety within his sleep.

No one is awake when he wakes up so the room is pretty quiet.

Any suggestions as for strategies and approaches to support him in re-settling/SLEEPING MORE CONSISTENTLY.

stephanie 02:13 PM 06-13-2015
Does he use a pacifier? Is there a blanket/special toy he can hold that might help him get back to sleep?

Have you told dcm and/or dcd about this? Maybe something is going on at home that is causing his sleep patterns to change. He could be teething and waking up in pain and cranky from teeth coming in.

If he doesn't end up going back to sleep for the rest of nap time, would he be able to look at a book or do a quiet activity like puzzles that won't disturb the other sleeping kids? Maybe in a separate area from where the other kids are sleeping? Or if you have enough staff one teacher could take the non-napping child(ren) to the gym to play until nap time is over so the rest of the kids can sleep, that's what we did sometime in one of the centers I worked at.
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