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CountryRoads 02:10 PM 08-19-2020
Has anyone ever graduated from running an in-home daycare to a center?

Pros? Cons? Regrets?

Mariposa 04:16 PM 08-19-2020
I have done opposite.
I left centers because it was too much for me.

Pro: guaranteed income, insurance in the right setting-depenss on what job role you have.

Cons: staffing, corporate, less flexibility, cannot turn families away, getting a day off is impossible sometimes, but when you do the center doesn't close so that is a pro.

Staffing. Is. HORRIBLE as a Director. Short staffed, untrained staff, bad staff and little to no ability to change things, no staff and you're in the classrooms.

Always being pulled in many directions and cannot complete tasks. I had upset staff because I couldn't grant a bathroom break. Times where I had like 5 things classified as emergency (kids being extremely violent in a room and throwing things hitting staff out of control, kids with high fevers in another, etc.) And staff mad I forgot they needed a potty break.

And I had a small center and years of experience. I knew what I wanted to do and felt I could not and it was time to be my own boss....well except USDA and licensing are my bosses.
Mariposa 04:37 PM 08-19-2020
*meant to say that the staff needed the bathroom and I had 5 fires to put out then I would forget.
Michael 07:51 PM 08-19-2020
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Lil_Diddle 09:11 PM 08-19-2020
I worked at a center once where the owner previously had done in-home. I asked her if she had any regrets, because the co-teacher I had with me was terrible. The owner said yes because she’s putting her quality and reputation into others hands. She had previously fired another bad teacher and was stuck paying unemployment, so she couldn’t afford to fire this other teacher and pay unemployment for her as well on top of paying a new teacher.
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