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Old 11-15-2012, 11:51 AM
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Default Mild Tourettes Maybe?

I have a dcb, age 4 this month, who is displaying some different behaviors. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with behaviors like these.
1. Ticks and grimaces
2. Cannot put on or take off shoes, socks, or pull up and down his own undies/pants although will go potty when reminded constantly.
3. Loves blocks, legos, cars, trains and is very imaginative in playing with these things.
4. Repeats things over and over- especially questions-even after I answer him repeatedly.
5. Very immature for his age and cannot carry on a simple conversation. Me: What did you have for breakfast this morning before you got her dcb? Dcb: Chicken noodle soup. (Which is what I'm fixing for lunch as are talking)
6. No concept of time. At 9 in the morning asks if it is rest time, we have rest time at 1:30pm every day.
7. Have to repeat instructions multiple times before he'll respond.
I don't know, his dcm does everything for him and never asks him to even try so I have been working with him on things like pulling down his own pants to go potty. Sometimes he does fine but sometimes it seems too much for him. Anyone dealt with a child with these behaviors?
Mom says she had him tested and he's not autistic but it seems to me he has maybe a mild case of tourettes? It's frustrating behavior sometimes.
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Old 11-16-2012, 05:02 AM
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I have kids like this too. I tell parents that they need to start to ask their children questions because its important for their developement. I have a 3 yr old answer the same way. I ask her what she ate in the morning and she can't tell me, really it was only an hour ago.
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Old 11-16-2012, 05:11 AM
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My DS has Transient Tic Disorder, which looks like mild Tourette's. As far as I know, developmental delays are not part of the deal with either thing. However, if there is a developmental delay happening, tics may be a part of that.

To me it sounds like your dcb has just been babied for too long. The tics may be a kid thing, or they may be TTD or Tourette's, but I honestly think the other issues are just the result of a child who has had everything done for him and/or is babysat by the tv too much.

If he's already been tested for Autism, I'd just treat him like any other kid -- give him lots of opportunity and lots of time to practice self-help skills (putting on shoes, doing things himself in the bathroom, etc). Start conversations with him about the things he's enjoying doing (ie. playing with the cars and trucks), and work at engaging him in whatever is going on.

With the tics, just ignore them (yes, they can be really annoying!) as much as possible. I'd just do my best to help him learn as much as possible and when he gets to school, if there's anything more serious going on, they'll catch it then.
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