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lil angels 10:26 AM 12-02-2011
I am pretty excited I got a call from parent yesterday and they had left about two months ago she said we miss you can we come back. It will cost her almost double what she is getting care for now but she doesn't care they want to come back. This wil make me almost full again I have someone to start that paid their deposit for spring. When they start I will be full i was wondering how to fill the other spot because I just haven't been getting any calls for that age. Now I don't even have to interview I get my old family back and they were very good to me. my fun for the weekend just wanted to share.
Abigail 10:31 AM 12-02-2011
That's great! At my last daycare we had a mom take her child out because she was going to trade watching her friends child and vs. versa for free. It lasted about a month and she asked to come back. It's nice to see how kids change in a short amount of time when you're not around them too. This child was right back in the routine day one. Yay for you getting your spots filled up soon! I only have two (siblings) and have space for 7 8(, but I hope to just have 4 during the winter months so get the hang on my routine. I really hope I have at least one more start before February to be able to have a decent income. You can't really survive on a two-child income very easily.
lil angels 11:35 AM 12-02-2011
Yes I have had 3 family's in the last 4 years that have pulled to take their child somewhere else cheaper or a family member and they came back it makes me feel good either I am doing a good job or I can fool them well.
cheerfuldom 12:25 PM 12-02-2011
I am glad you are almost full. A lot of people try the cheap or free route and that normally is a lower quality care OR the relatives realize how much work it is and aren't willing to do all day, every day for free anymore. The relatives/free thing happens ALL the time. It is actually more rare that a relative is willing to do daycare long term for free. Thats a huge sacrifice.
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