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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>Super-Easy Black Bean Soup
nothingwithoutjoy 10:11 AM 03-25-2014
The kids gobbled up lunch today with lots of requests for more, and it was super easy to make and all from the pantry, so thought I should share. It's here.
ihop 10:27 AM 03-25-2014
Looks great! Thanks! I love bean soup. It may take some selling to my dcks. For some reason none of them will eat soup. They won't even put their spoon in it. I've started serving it completely alone so they didn't have another choice and they still just stare at it
nothingwithoutjoy 11:18 AM 03-25-2014
Try it--I swear, even my pickiest asked for thirds! And you can just eat it all yourself if they won't. :-)
Unregistered 05:41 PM 03-31-2014
Thank you! Made a batch and froze some. Simple and delicious!
My3cents 09:43 AM 04-07-2014
Excellent recipe

made it for the kiddo's today and they loved it.

Thank you for sharing~
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