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KDC 07:35 AM 05-12-2014
I've never really 'held' a spot before. I've had this DCF for 2 years. They were full time, went part time (DCB-4). She had a baby Nov '13 and is currently on maternity leave. She's been basically sending him here 2 days a week until they could figure out what they wanted to do. She asked if there was a spot for her baby in August '14. It works out that one of my younger ones will be 30 months in August, therefore I will have a spot available then. This would be full-time for DCB (8 months) and part-time for DCB-4.

Well, she just told me she didn't get the job for August, but for January instead (Student teaching). She would like to know how much 'holding' the spot would cost her? She's already given me a heads up that her previous house went from renting to trying to sell so they're carrying 2 mortgages so it might not be possible for them to hold the spot. I really like this family, but this is a business right?

How much do you charge to hold a spot? Is it where you charge a couple of days? Help!!
Blackcat31 07:47 AM 05-12-2014
Depends on several things. Normally I don't hold spots but if YOU wanted to, I would consider a few things, such as is it worth it for this family? Are they really a good family?

Also how in demand is infant care in your area? If it's hard to find infant space, I would have a hard time holding a space for someone.

I also don't think it was fair of DCM to mention her financial issues and then not consider yours.... you would be taking a financial loss if you held the spot.

What if she doesn't start in January? It's always a possibility.

Plus I know there is a 4 yr old but I wouldn't count on the 4 yr old to be an anchor for holding the spot since at 4 yrs old, they already have one foot out the door on the way to Kindy.... kwim?

In my child care if a space is open and available I charge for it. Especially if it's an infant space as I get 3-4 calls daily for infants so filling it would not be an issue.

However, you have to do what works for you. If you can't afford to hold the space, don't.

If you can afford to give it to them at half price, go ahead and do it but remember that when push comes to shove families will always do what works best for them and that is not wrong, just what people do.

You do what's best for you and don't worry about how it does or doesn't affect others.
spinnymarie 07:51 AM 05-12-2014
I charge my enrollment fee for a spot that's not yet open - like yours for August. For any spot that IS open I charge full price whether your kid is coming or not, starting now or in a few months or next year. Period.
NeedaVaca 08:14 AM 05-12-2014
I don't hold spots but if I did I would charge my full time fee. That way I'm not out any money. Just remember come January things could completely change and they might not come! Which means if you give any discount you will be out all that money ya know? Just because their situation changed shouldn't effect you financially-I would either fill the spot or hold at full price.
MarinaVanessa 10:58 AM 05-12-2014
I charge $25 a week to hold a spot but I will temporarily fill it until they start. When I hold a spot I need a signed contract with a date of their first day of care and they must start that day. I also need their first week's payment and a 2 week deposit before a spot is considered held, both of which are non refundable. The holding fee doesn't get credited towards future payments. If they don't start on the start date then they either forfeit all of their payments or they pay their full rate just as contracted.

That's how I do it but I've never held a spot for more than 6 weeks and I held it that long because the new client needed care when school started and I happened to have a family leaving that same time so it worked out for me. Otherwise I wouldn't have done it.
EntropyControlSpecialist 11:50 AM 05-12-2014
Originally Posted by spinnymarie:
I charge my enrollment fee for a spot that's not yet open - like yours for August. For any spot that IS open I charge full price whether your kid is coming or not, starting now or in a few months or next year. Period.
This is what I do.
Jack Sprat 12:19 PM 05-12-2014
I have a family that needs care for their newborn in Oct. I am full right now but, will have room in Aug. once school starts. I am going to charge them $45 a week starting when school starts to hold the spot. They will also get one weeks credit with this. They are coming for an interview tonight. So we shall see if this is something they want to do.
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