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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Essential Oil? Wisconsin Licencing?
flying_babyb 05:43 PM 04-04-2018
So my coworker and I would like to use essential oils (mostly lavender) to help promote calm and (hopefully) cover the diaper pail stink. So we mentioned it to our director who said not to let the owner know, but to go ahead. The owner clames its against licencing policies. I cant find this any where. I mean its gatta be better than my boss running through with bathroom spray. Anyone happen to know?
Cat Herder 05:00 AM 04-05-2018
"Essential oils, such as camphorated and eucalyptus oils, are volatile oils that can be absorbed by mouth and through the skin; if ingested orally by children, they can be harmful, even life-threatening." - National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine

"Callers to the Poison Information Centre reported that 251 children had ingested an essential oil or product: eucalyptus oil 50 children; camphorated oil 18 children; VapAir (Drug Trading, Canada) vaporizing liquid 93 children; and Vicks VaporRub (Procter & Gamble, Canada) 90 children. The most common symptoms were cough, vomiting and cough associated with vomiting. Two children had seizures but recovered. The MEDLINE search found 18 reports of paediatric ingestion of the oils or oil products. The main symptoms were vomiting, lethargy, coma and seizures. One child died."

Breathing in oil of any type is generally a bad idea. Lungs simply don't like it.
Blackcat31 05:36 AM 04-05-2018
I am not a fan of essential oils either.
Especially not within small groups if children.
Maybe used personally for yourself or your own kids but not so much within a center or home daycare.
Lil_Diddle 05:50 AM 04-05-2018
I use a scents burner that is kept out of reach of children.
Cat Herder 06:12 AM 04-05-2018
Poison Control, National Capitol Poison Center. "Essential Oils: Poisonous when Misused" -

"Children, with their thin skin and immature livers, might be more susceptible to toxic effects than adults. There could be interactions with other drugs, too. Depending on how the essential oil is prepared, there could be toxicity from other ingredients; these preparations often contain other oils or alcohol.

Since essential oils generally are not regulated, it can be hard to know exactly what is in the essential oil bottle what species of plant, what concentration of active ingredient, or whether there are any contaminants."

"Safely using and storing essential oils is extremely important.
Pepperth 06:14 AM 04-05-2018
I'd be hesitant about any scent used in public. I use certain oils at home. Sometimes though I've walked into public buildings where they are burning oils, and it really bothers my asthma. The same can be said of course for bathroom sprays, etc.
storybookending 06:25 AM 04-05-2018
I HATE essential oils. They stink. I have a mom that swear by them and oils her kids up before care when they are sick.
Cat Herder 06:29 AM 04-05-2018
Originally Posted by storybookending:
I have a mom that swear by them and oils her kids up before care when they are sick.
Chicken or the egg? Rhet.
Pestle 07:00 AM 04-05-2018
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a known health hazard and are poorly regulated when it comes to essential oils and other scented products. They also only mask odors via sending more of their own molecules into your nasal passages than the thing you're trying to mask--you're still breathing poop, but also VOCs from the oil. If there is fecal odor in your day care, you need to deal with the diaper storage issue.

If your director continues to tell you to do something but to keep it a secret from the owner because it's against licensing, you need to think about how safe your job will be if you get caught in violation of state laws. They'll be quick to throw you under the bus.
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