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Josiegirl 03:05 AM 02-15-2021
Do any of you take advantage of small local free libraries? Ever since things shut down a year ago, I discovered a couple shelves of books offered at a small store, on the way to my sister's house. I go there often so have stopped to peruse their books. It's kept me entertained without visiting the library in town here. Even with library reopened I haven't been going like I used to.

I did adopt an author from our local library so currently am reading the newest Lisa Gardner book "Before She Disappeared' which is pretty good.

Other than that, I've had my nose stuck in lots of James Patterson and chick lit brain candy.

Anybody reading anything good lately??
Blackcat31 06:34 AM 02-15-2021
I haven't read in a long while and I do miss it...just haven't found the time.

I caved a while back and started reading books on a Kindle and then used my table and the Kindle app so most the books I have waiting in cue to read are digital downloads.

I will admit I miss the library. Such a wonderful place to get lost.... I've spent many hours as a child and an adult just wondering the rows picking up anything that caught my eye.

My mom is a HUGE James Patterson fan, but I never got into him like she did. My favorite mystery/legal/drama author is Stuart Woods. I picked up one of his books randomly one day and like it so much I went back and found all of them so I could read them in order.

I have several Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Stuart Woods and a couple John Grisham books sitting on my kindle app just waiting for me to find the time to get to them.

I did pick up a couple easy read paperbacks (authors I had never read) last summer and whizzed right through them. Turned out to be very good ones too!

One was about a lady that randomly and impulsively steals a baby from a shopping cart and raises her as her own but the child inadvertently finds out when she is college age.... (What Was Mine ~ Helen Klein Ross)

The other was about a girl who befriends another girl at summer camp and goes to her house on a visit. While there she sees a family portrait on the wall and the father in the picture is her father...
(Family Pictures ~ Jane Green)

Both were super easy reading and kept me in suspense until the end. But those were probably the last books I'e actually taken the time to read.
Josiegirl 09:27 AM 02-15-2021
Thanks for sharing those 2 titles BC, they sound like books I'd like.

You're the one that recommended Janet Evonavich to me and I read through every one of her numbered series. They're great

My sister told me about using Libby, a free app and you can get books through there as well. Sometimes it's a waiting game and I still haven't tried it. Maybe I'll check further and see if they have those 2 books listed. Thanks!
284878 11:27 AM 02-15-2021
Yes we use the local library. We started in 19 the day dd got out of school. I go weekly now, or as much as I can. I use the online site to request books and dvd for the kids and once a week go pick them up. Since the pandemic they been doing crafts to go that I grab for dd and sa DCB.

The offer curbside pick up when we can't go inside.

They use Libby (books) and hoopla (movies) apps but I can never use them because I never find anything I like on them.
Cat Herder 06:37 AM 02-16-2021
I rarely leave the house these days other than for work or errands. I sold my vehicle since the payments, insurance and upkeep just did not make sense in my long term budget plan. It always landed in the losses row.

I do buy books from amazon often. I usually get the kindle copy with them but I prefer paper books.

Right now, I am reading two books, one chapter at a time, in small bits because I don't have much free time lately and these topics require afterthought and processing time.

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