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mamadaycare 08:41 AM 01-25-2021
How do you guys handle snow days? Here in nebraska we are expecting 8-14 inches of snow by end of day. School was cancelled and I have two families that showed up. I want to close early because I am afraid that the kids will get stuck here because they can't get out of my neighborhood. When we get this much snow they dont plow in the neighborhood. Would it be wrong to have parents pick up? One family lives a couple streets over and could walk here but I don't feel I can ask one family to pick up and not the other. Thanks!
dolores 08:55 AM 01-25-2021
I follow our public schools. If they are closed for the day, open late or close early, that is what I do. Parents are informed of that at enrollment and it is included in parent handbook. Oh and they pay for the day. 8-14" of snow!...Yikes!
CenterTeacher20 09:14 AM 01-25-2021
Yep, we follow public schools as well. If they are closed, so are we! If they close early, we close early. Send those kiddos home asap!
mamadaycare 09:41 AM 01-25-2021
I decided to send them home! Everyone has to be picked up by 1230. We already have 2 1/2 inches and it is coming down good! I don't normally close even if the schools close. But with the amount we are getting I think it is necessary. These kids need to be home safe with their parents. Daycare centers are closing at 12 as well so at least I am not alone in my decision!
Cat Herder 09:49 AM 01-25-2021
My state wants me to follow the public schools, but I do not.

I do not want late arrivals and that is their preferred option. Late opening.

I allow the parents to make the call. Late pick-up is $1 per minute, fiercely enforced, so I have no doubt they will make every effort to get here before the roads are impassable or simply stay home to not risk it.

I have taken kids home when unexpected weather hit (tornado/downed trees/powerlines/flash flood), though. If I did not know it was coming to give them notice, I don't hold them accountable for it, either. Fair is fair.
AmyKidsCo 01:35 PM 01-25-2021
I'm open because some parents HAVE to work, no matter what. But my policies state that if a parent's workplace is closed because it's too dangerous to go in it's assumed it's also too dangerous to bring the child to care. I have other policies about if school is delayed or closed I may delay opening to allow time for snow removal, but so far I haven't had the guts to do it.
Sunshine69 02:43 AM 01-26-2021
I used to follow what the public school did but, with them constantly switching to full remote learning, it doesn’t work.

Licensing requires us to keep our entrances and exits accessible and clear. I can’t run out and shovel and leave the kids unattended. The local plow drivers come by and fill the end of my driveway on their schedule, not mine. I do my best to clear the snow before and after I open, but frankly, I’m tired of adding several hours of snow removal on top of the usual 12 hour days that I spend running daycare and disinfecting. If’s it’s more than a few inches of snow, I just close.
mamadaycare 06:44 AM 01-26-2021
I definitely think I am going to add something onto my contract for snow days for next year. Schools closed again today beause we got so much snow. You're right, we can't leave the children to go shovel. I know some parents have to work, but also they closed school because it is not safe to travel. Especially with kids in the car.
Snowmom 09:46 AM 01-26-2021
In my contract, I include an Emergency Procedures addendum.

The following emergency procedures are put into effect.

Daycare will close under the following circumstances during inclement weather or disaster occurrences that include:

1. Power or gas outages lasting more than one hour (no heat/air conditioning/hot water).
2. Disruptions to water supply that make safe hand washing or safe cooking difficult.
3. Road conditions dangerous enough to compromise emergency vehicles reaching us if needed.
4. Property/house damage that would need to be assessed.
5. State of emergencies as declared by state or county officials.

In the event of any of these happening, you will be contacted for further instructions. Refunds are not given for any partial days closed.

Fire Drill Location: Backyard gate
Storm Drill Location: Lower level bathroom
Evacuation Location: Elementary Bus Stop Location
Emergency Supplies Location: Red “Emergency” backpack located at playroom exit

*Please note: I remain open during snow storms unless one of these emergencies arise or a judgement call is made to close in the best interest of the group (safety). However, I do require all families to allow themselves proper drive time to pick up their children on time.

By signing below, you acknowledge and agree to these stipulations.
mamadaycare 10:09 AM 01-26-2021
I LOVE this! Parents assume that just because we don't have to go anywhere that we should be open. But there are some situations where it is too dangerous to be out on the road regardless of whether the provider has to leave their home or not!
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