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Parents and Guardians Forum>Should I Choose This Family Care For My Baby Girl?
Unregistered 08:22 AM 03-13-2008
I am currently looking for a family care for my 15 months old girl. My friend recommended a lady who is 61 years old and taking care of 4 -5 kids (2 of them are just 2 years old). The lady also cook breakfast and lunch for kids. I feel concern if she is too busy to pay attention to my baby. What you think? Many thanks!
Unregistered 08:46 PM 03-14-2008
I would first contact your state's licensing agency and see if there are any complaints against this daycare. Also, see if she is required to have a license. These two questions could answer a lot.
Unregistered 10:10 AM 04-09-2008
i would say no... but only because of the age of the woman and if she has that many kids to watch already she has her hands full... and at around 2-3 years of age kids are a handful... for a young person...

good luck
AC23 12:07 PM 04-09-2008
I would ask to observe her in action. If this lady doesn't hesitate and allow you to observe her while kids are in care that is a good start. One way to ask tactfully is ask her if you could come with her 15month old and see how she interacts with the other children. This way you kill 2 birds with one stone. You are checking out the provider along with checking out the other kids in care and how they all interact with each other. Never doubt your gut feelings either. Another thing you may want to do is ask for references. Some providers will give this out right away while others may need to ask their families first before giving out numbers.
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