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LilliCat 10:41 PM 01-25-2011
Hi there! I own a small business in California (five employees) and I wanted to bring in a daycare provider to watch my two sons (age 4yrs and 9months) and one employee's 6 month old son. I would turn my office with windows into the child care room (it is a large office) and modify it to be a fun preschool like setting. I will also utilize an adjacent room for naps.

What I am wondering is, since we, the parents will be on the premises the entire time, do we have to go through ALL the same things that an actual child care facility would have to go through? I know I should call the CCRC in the morning but it might take all day to get though and I am excited at the possibility of this working out, so if you have any input, that'd be appreciated! It would be great for all of us!

Michael 11:50 PM 01-25-2011
What state are you in?
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