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nagytorta 05:31 PM 02-12-2009
Hi guys,
Would anybody recommend a reliable monitoring system so that parents may go online and watch their children during hours of operation of my family day care?
How much can I realistically expect to spend for installation and maintenance?
Had no luck through online searches so far...
Unregistered 01:07 PM 02-17-2009
You could also check out Share In My Day (
nagytorta 06:04 PM 02-17-2009
Originally Posted by Phil_EH:
Although I don't have any personal experience with video monitoring of child care centers, I have heard of a company called WatchMeGrow that appears to offer the type of service for which you are looking.

Dear Phil,
I spoke to WatchMeGrow (thanks a lot for the info!), however they, like a couple of other companies that I contacted, lost their interest very fast when I told them that I am a small provider, not a mega-center. WatchMeGrow told me that they are working on a system for a small family day care, but nothing available so far.
I am getting hopeless at the moment... Thanks for your responses though! Alex @ NYC
nagytorta 01:20 PM 02-19-2009
Guys, seems like I did manage to find a company, thanks to our moderator, Phil, -, - that would suit the needs of a small day care owner like myself.
On their website you can see the quality of the image that the parents would get on their screens through the web. It's very sharp in comparison to other companies, who's image quality is such that I would have a hard time identifying my own child on the video.
The price offer is also fantastic (that means a lot coming from the tight-fisted little me!) and they seem to be very customer-oriented.
Will keep you posted soon as I get the system up and running...
Tim 05:27 PM 02-21-2009
Have you looked into ?

They look very legit and they offer flexible payment options. That would enable me to buy something better with the secuity access I need and the quality of cameras that would make viewing pleasurable and refined.

The site states:
Lease Package - Daycare puts down 50% for camera system and the rest to be paid over 12 months. We'll work with you to find a system within your budget. Contact us for more information about our financing option.

Purchase Package - We offer a 2 year camera system warranty when purchasing a camera system. Contact us for a custom system quote.

Support & Management Package
Option 1: The daycare can pay for this package based on their average enrollment, which would provide all of their parents a free membership.

Option 2: The parents to pay a monthly membership fee for a membership.
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