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familyschoolcare 04:04 PM 08-13-2011
to get a hold of this parent.

So here is the deal I have a child enrolled that I have been picking up form state funded pre-school and will start state funded pre-K on the 22nd with all the other school aged students in the district. On Friday when I whent to pick up the child in fornt of the classroon there was a big sign last day of camp. I asked the teacher ans she confirmed no pre-school program of any kind next week. This is s divorice family and it was moms day to pick up and monday is dads day*( mom only picks up every other firday) so I e-mailed dad. "Did you know ***** does not have school next week. When dad signed the contract he did not whant to enclude holidays and school closures because he did not know yet what holidays he would have the child. This was fine with me as the school day rate encludes care when the school is closed for 1 or 2 days that week ie teacher inservice days and is the cost of *** for school breaks and holidays. For dads contract we put N/A for that amount.

So my questions to everyone is
1. How hard should I try to get this information to dad
2. By what day do I ask for the additinal money (amount not yet agreed on) for the week. As per my contract dad has already payed for next week but at the school days rate. So should i let it slide until Friday when he pays for the week of the 22nd-26th or should I ask for it on Monday.
cheerfuldom 04:36 PM 08-13-2011
I would not be running after this family. One call with a heads up message is more than enough and already above and beyond what you are being paid to do. Stick to what the contract says and if he needs you more, you need to be paid in advanced and it needs to work out with your schedule. You don't have to say yes to ever last minute thing because he already put in the contract that he would not be using you for school closings. I am just worried you are already getting way overinvolved in this family and giving yourself an extra headache.
Crazy8 05:04 PM 08-13-2011
do you know for sure that they will be coming to you full days next week??? I would just make one call or email to both parents and state you noticed the sign and wanted to confirm what their plans are for next week. If they are bringing the child on Monday I would verify the rate with them then - DO NOT wait until the end of the week!!
familyschoolcare 09:40 PM 08-13-2011
Dad called me and said said he thinks that he will need full days for next week we talked about the additional amount of money and he agreed to bring it at drop off on Monday. Then at the end of the conversation he said we have made a few phone calls about other care for ***** so can I call you back and let you know. I said yes and if I do not answer the phone just leave a message (as it was already 5:30 PM). He has not called back and if he calls tomorrow I will not answer the phone dad knows I go out of my way NOT to conduct business on Sunday.
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