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KDC 11:20 AM 08-25-2011
A number of my clients are teachers, and early on in the daycare (4 or 5 years ago) it worked for me to have the summer off and I did NOT charge anything for summers off. Now, unfortunately I am no longer able to do this. THey haven't had to pay the past two summer seasons, but want to give fair warning this summer will be different. Do you have this situation and how do you handle it? Do you turn away teachers? Charge them throughout the summer, full or partial rate? I'm tempted to tell them their spot is not guaranteed if they cannot pay at least a holding fee during the summer months. This is a business for me, not something I do part time. This summer I've tried to supplement by finding summer only people, and managed to find a few, but it's not so easy and was very inconsistent. Any advice is helpful
mismatchedsocks 11:31 AM 08-25-2011
Are you willing to take school aged kids? That is how I fill my teachers spots!
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