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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do You Notify dcps When There dcks Go Home Sick?
ninosqueridos 11:11 AM 11-12-2010
I'm not talking about communicable diseases like chicken pox, whooping cough, etc.....but if Sally gets sent home with a rash and 103 fever, do you mention it to the other parents? I always let the other parents know so they know what to look out for (even though I do my best to keep everything clean). Just wondering what you guys do?
SandeeAR 11:13 AM 11-12-2010
I only have 3 families, 4 kids. I tell all of them if someone is sick, even if they have just started a runny nose. That way parents know that if "might" be coming their way.
nannyde 11:20 AM 11-12-2010

I don't disclose what kid but I always tell them of illness.
DCMomOf3 11:24 AM 11-12-2010
Not formally. I will say something at pick up usually, but not always.
DanceMom 11:29 AM 11-12-2010
Yes, I always tell them who was sent home and for what so they can be on the lookout for anything that might hit their kids.
marniewon 11:34 AM 11-12-2010
Yes, I will tell parents. Even if the child doesn't go home, I will mention, so and so has the sniffles, etc.
BentleysBands 11:38 AM 11-12-2010
Yes, i always tell them.
tenderhearts 11:52 AM 11-12-2010
If it's just a cold I do not say anything but if someone went home sick I'll usually mention at pick up someone went home sick today so just to be on the look out...Funny thing though is usually NONE (at least old clients) never told me if their child was sick over the weekend, usually I hear it from the child or sibling.
SunflowerMama 11:53 AM 11-12-2010
I always tell the parents too. I actually just had to send out an email yesterday because my daughter woke up with a fever and sore throat.
caitlin 06:23 PM 11-12-2010
Not for a cold, or the sniffles, but if a child goes home with a fever, or a rash or anything that would prevent them from coming to daycare then I let parents know.
ninosqueridos 08:35 PM 11-12-2010
Thanks for your replies. I didn't know if it was saying too much (being too honest) but I know I would want to know if I was in their shoes.
DancingQueen 03:44 AM 11-13-2010
Absolutely I do.
And we're such a close group that I even share which kid it is and often times parents will ask how so and so is doing even when they aren't there kid out of concern.
I tell them because we're like a family but I also tell them so they have the heads up.
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