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EvaMarie 03:58 PM 04-05-2018
Hello, everyone. I'm new to register, though I have been lurking (and reading discussions) for a few years now. I've all but exhausted all my resources, so I've turned to you all for help.

How did you actually find a suitable building to open a daycare? Most of the ones in my area (I live in Ohio) are in building that once were churches. I cannot find any stand alone buildings or even suitable space within another building for that matter. Any suggestions?
Michael 03:07 PM 04-06-2018
Welcome to the forum. Have you tried a real estate agency?
EvaMarie 06:10 PM 04-06-2018
I haven't enlisted the help of an agent. I have browsed practically all of the websites. I'm open to buying or leasing. Would an agent be able to better help in this situation?
Blackcat31 06:10 AM 04-09-2018
I would contact your local Child Care Aware agency and see if you can network with them. They offer resources for providers in regards to choosing/finding a place for your child care business.
EvaMarie 06:04 PM 04-09-2018
Ok, that is definitely something worth looking into. I did locate on building on my own, I'm just not 100% sure how suitable it is for opening a center.

I don't really have time to look at things because I am currently a daycare teacher. I work 8:30-4:30. And I work 1.5 hours away from where I want to open my center, so by the time I'm off, there's no time to really call anyone or look at anything.
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