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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Help Needed Buying a Daycare Facility in NC
Maman_sub 10:06 AM 06-20-2018
Looking for an operating daycare to buy. The seller is asking 850k for a 4,700 square feet facility with 35 kids enrolled. Is the price reasonable. Any inputs will help. It is in North Carolina state.
Michael 03:37 PM 06-29-2018
You are looking for a daycare to buy? A potential facility is going for $850k with 35 kids? Is that your question?

Being from California, that seems like a very good situation although pictures of the facility and outside grounds would help.
hwichlaz 04:58 PM 06-29-2018
With the average cost of care in NC being 8400.00 for infants 7500.00 for 4ís per year...
And these ratios....
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