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happykidschildcare 05:15 PM 03-01-2011
I'm curious, does anyone do their own taxes? what program do you use?
safechner 05:23 PM 03-01-2011
I am using Turbo Tax online for only $65 with coupon. I will be getting it done by this week so we should get our refund around March 18th or before.
kendallina 05:40 PM 03-01-2011
Paper and pen for me!
littlemissmuffet 08:37 PM 03-01-2011
I used to do my own, then the hubs convinced me to hire someone last year... she found a whole bunch of extras to help us get a much higher return than we anticipated. Hiring someone again this year
Little People 03:24 AM 03-02-2011
I used the Turbo Tax download, I like it better than the online. You are able to SEE all the forms you filled out. I could even print the forms to check for any errors first
cillybean83 03:47 AM 03-02-2011
i will never. ever. EVER use turbo tax again. I filed on 1/27, was told my refund would process 2/15, was told my refund would be direct deposited on 2/25, then 3/1, then 3/8, NOW it's delayed: reference number 1481..

my tax return has the correct banking info, but turbo tax entered it wrong somewhere and that's why it's could take 6-8 weeks to finally get a paper check.
marniewon 05:37 AM 03-02-2011
TaxAct online for $10. I've always used TA, but this is my first year with business income. I filed around 2 weeks ago and should get the refund this weekend.
DCMom 06:32 AM 03-02-2011
I've compared them side by side and Turbo Tax is more comprehensive for self-employed/1099 employees. I run a daycare, one son owns and operates a lawn care business and the other is a 1099 employee. I have always felt very comfortable with TT; I've used it forever.

None of us ever gets a refund, but we owe less when I use TT
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