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newtodaycare22 04:54 PM 12-07-2011
Did someone on here mention that they used bed tents? I don't want a regular tent to completely enclose a child during nap, as that obviously doesn't seem safe. But I'm curious about the ones that just cover part of the bed to darken the area and keep the child less distracted. Like this:

That example only works with a certain bed. I am wondering if any things like this fit on cots?

Thanks for any advice. I have a 2 year old who is going through that lovely stage of no nap by means of getting up, talking, and keeping other kids awake. I'd loooove to find a way to get us both through this!

bice99 05:09 PM 12-07-2011
I had one in a peapod plus. She LOVED it! She kept escaping from her PNP and wasn't anywhere near ready for a mat.
newtodaycare22 05:52 PM 12-07-2011
Originally Posted by bice99:
I had one in a peapod plus. She LOVED it! She kept escaping from her PNP and wasn't anywhere near ready for a mat.
I looked at these and I'm loving the idea-except the price. But at this point...I'll pay it! Do you know if these meet the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission?

(That's my requirement for cots, beds, mats, or sleeping bags)
bice99 10:12 PM 12-07-2011
Does this link help?,17,1&type=PeaPods
Cat Herder 04:38 AM 12-08-2011
I have used the tents, but for "non-sleepers" who were weeks from aging out to Public Preschool (4 year olds). For a two year old I would not have done it, personally, unless they were on a medication that made it impossible to sleep (albuterol, steroids, etc.).

Mine were the Disney themed play tents/ playhouses (I like to give them as birthday presents). I only pull them out after the majority of the group has dozed off to sleep. It was something "special" between me and the child...I usually got big kisses, too .

I was never asked to. The kids have me wrapped around their finger by this age since I know they will be leaving me after they had been here since infancy .

I set them up as a quiet play space with their nap mat and a bin with books, stuffed animals, Walkman, dry erase boards, color wonder markers & books, or whatever the particular child was into.

I don't use them often anymore as most of my DCK's are here longer than 9.5 hours everyday now (none less than 9). It used to be most kids were here less than 7 hours, so a nap was not quite as needed for older pre-schoolers .

It was a privilege for them, a bonding thing and had the added benefit of keeping some talkative 4 year olds from waking others up. If I had your two year old I would simply put her back on her mat everytime she got up and stay in her line of sight.
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