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momofboys 04:45 AM 03-01-2012
I have 2 DCFs (one is only after-school care 2 days/week so very insignificant). I will be pickign up my 3rd family in about 3 weeks. Family 1, the one I have had the longest, asked me on Tues - well more like informed me that starting Thurs dad would now be working until 4:30 instead of 4:00. Was this okay? Without much thought, because he asked it on his way out the door, I said generally it would be okay. Then I asked, since you are working later are you also going to be dropping off later in the A.M. (they normally drop off @ 6:30 am)? I figure his new work hours are 7:30-4:30 instead of 7-4. He replies maybe a couple of minutes later but not much. My guess is he just wants to get the kids out of his hair quicker even though there is no way it takes him more than 25-30 min to get to work. Since he was leaving I didn't really have time to think this through but what I got out of it was I will now be watching his family an extra 1/2 hr a day - pushing my hours with them to 10 3/4 hrs/day! How would you backpedal out of this? I am okay for the most part with pick up at @ 5:15, I don't have open/close hours - generally I have done contracted hours. But I do feel like 10 3/4 hrs is much too long. The mom works as a nurse so she can't pick them up earlier - she works 7 am to 7 pm. I almost feel validated to ask for extra compensation - this makes my 3 day work week almost 32+ hours - close enough to 4 days pay instead of 3. What do you all do? I am also confused as to why dad needs to drop off at about the same time in the morning. He does not need an hour to get to work.
Cat Herder 04:55 AM 03-01-2012
You are 100% entitled to more pay for more work.

You can tell him his new rate as casually as he told you your new hours if you'd like....

I'd print out a new updated contract, get him to sign it today . Have it start this week.

I know the hours are long for kids, I had to give up on that issue a while back.

The last time this happened here it was about a gym membership....not work hours as I was told.

That is why I'd charge in your shoes.
bunnyslippers 05:05 AM 03-01-2012
I would absolutely write up a new contract. I had this happen a few years ago, and I got very resentful of having to change my schedule without compensation. Don't be afraid to ask - you have every right!
CrayolaKids 05:24 AM 03-01-2012
I had this happen about two weeks ago. DCM told me on thursday (their last day of the week) that her hours would be changing and instead of 6-230 she would be working 630-3. So because she would be working the same hours I didn't need to charge them anymore....until monday comes and she doesn't show up til 345 (I only give 30min leeway after their scheduled work time). She gets here and says that nope, she works til 330 not 3! So I too, ended up having them an extra 30 minutes everyday but not getting paid any more than before. The kicker for me is that when they enrolled I offered them a sibling discount (something I will never do again!) so instead of paying $160/week they were only paying $144/week. That night I drew up a new contract and basically took off the sibling discount so that I was compensated for the extra time that I had the kids. Sent the contract home and then the next day, dcm tells me that she is switching her hours back to what they were originally. I'm okay with that, but it's like really?! You get paid to work extra so why the heck shouldn't I?!

You should most definitely write a new contract stating the new times and the new rate reflecting the extra time they are there. Personally, I go off of a 9 hour work day. So anything extra and they pay extra..and if they don't like it they need to find somewhere else unfortunately. Tell them that because they are adding extra time, you need to add an extra fee to compensate for it.
nannyde 05:36 AM 03-01-2012
This is why I do gratuated rates. When they hit you up for the extra they already know the cost.

YES YES YES just figure out what you need to charge to make it worth it and then tell him the rate.

Are you sure he's had a work change? Does he really need THAT much travel time?

No way would I do 10.75 hour days and not charge for a fourth day. Here that would be just 3.75 hours shy of four full days AND the extra time would be all awake time at the end of the day. Time to boot them to the full four day a week rate.
countrymom 05:47 AM 03-01-2012
I would not allow children to be in my care for that long. You need to hit him with a good extra charge. Not your problem he doesn't want to spend time with his kids. And as a former nurse, mom doesn't work 5 days a week working 12 hour shifts, so whats the deal with that. What is she doing on her days off.
MrsB 05:55 AM 03-01-2012
Do it! or else you will be resentful for the half hour later you have them everyday! I agree with cat herder. Do it casually as he did to you! Just hand him the contract and say here is the increased rate for the increased time. See ya in the morning!
momofboys 06:08 AM 03-01-2012
Originally Posted by countrymom:
I would not allow children to be in my care for that long. You need to hit him with a good extra charge. Not your problem he doesn't want to spend time with his kids. And as a former nurse, mom doesn't work 5 days a week working 12 hour shifts, so whats the deal with that. What is she doing on her days off.
No, I don't watch their kids 5 days/week - only 3. Mom has the kids at-home with her the other 2 days. But I am almost watching them the equivalent of 4 by the time you tally up the hours for the 3 days I have them - 32 1/2. Oops my math is messed up I think it's 32 1/4
momofboys 06:14 AM 03-01-2012
Thanks for your insight - I feel justified to ask for more $. I think part of the issue is I was already feeling "shorted" so to speak - parents like to get the most for their $$$ as it is & sometimes push the limits (they ALWAYS pay but they like to get a deal if you know what I mean & try to squeeze as much time out of me as possible). I will let them know the extra time is okay but an almost 11-hr day is worth more than I am getting & as a result I need to make a slight increase. Thanks everyone!
wdmmom 08:38 AM 03-01-2012
The later the pickup, the higher the fee. And it gets substancial.

You have a couple different options here:

1.) If you are comfrontational, you might ask what his new working hours are. Then when you write up the contract, put in there the NEW drop off time and NEW pick up time and NEW rate...all decided by YOU!

2.) Draw up a new contract and charge the top dollar for a full time, later evening pick up.

3.) Tell the family that you aren't going to be able to accommodate the schedule.

The choice is yours. Personally, I would never watch children for that long of a day. I work 7am to 530pm and my closing hours will soon change to 5pm. I don't allow more than 9.5 hours of care per day per child. The only way I would was if it was 4 days per week but they paid for 5.
Crazy8 09:56 AM 03-01-2012
unfortunately longer daycare days are just necessary for some families. Many jobs just aren't people punching an 8 hr. clock anymore. But like someone else said, the same way he casually mentioned the change, I would casually hand him his new contract with the new hours and rate filled in and make it effective immediately. I would absolutely charge for the new hours. I'm thinking at least $5 for the half hour each day - so $15/week - but that all depends on your area/current rates.
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